Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is our top priority. In fact, Pet Listings was not conceived to sell pets; Pet Listings was conceived to protect the welfare of pets sold by others.

Pet Listings do not charge sellers or buyers anything whatsoever. We subsist wholly on revenue from paid advertising space, and advertisers only want to be associated with a brand that represents strong animal welfare values.

Pet Listings are working to achieve improved animal welfare in a few very straightforward ways:

  1. Pet Listings make pet traders an offer they cannot refuse: a competitive advantage in terms of SEO, brand representation, user experience and design. This is a powerful and entirely free tool that they can use in conjunction with their existing website and other marketing activities.
  2. By gathering all pets in one place, Pet Listings makes it possible for RSPCA and other animal welfare organisations to keep tabs on the market. We provide these organisations with full insight into our operations to enable them to identify, track and shut down rogue operators, such as puppy factories, as efficiently as possible.
  3. Pet Listings enlist the help of all our users and facilitate easy reporting of any animal welfare concern. We also offer a $1,000 whistleblower’s reward to anyone whose tips lead to the closing down of a puppy factory.
  4. Over time, rogue operators will be weeded out and publicly blacklisted whilst ethical pet traders can keep growing their business with Pet Listings for free. With the public awareness of Pet Listings ever increasing, this will act to further marginalise rogue operators, such as puppy factories.

In line with our strategy to protect animal welfare, you will notice a few other points throughout the Pet Listings website:

  • Pet Listings do not encourage quick sales; we encourage carefully considered buying choices, leading to lasting happy pet ownership. You will see very clear information about things to keep in mind before deciding to bring home this, that or the other animal. This might seem to put up barriers to sales, but it gives traders something else, which cannot be bought for money: credibility.
  • Pet Listings are not exclusively for purebreds. Nor are we only for mutts, rescue animals or mixed breeds. We are not political. We are frank. For instance, there are upsides with purebreds. But there are also downsides. The same can be said for mixed breeds and mutts. We provide the public with this information in order for them to make educated decisions. This is the sort of audience that any ethical pet trader wants: customers who know what they are doing and will not surrender their animal once they have an unexpected realisation.
  • Rescue animals are displayed among other search results by default. This might seem like a minor detail, but it’s important, because many rescues are today being put down due to lack of exposure to prospect buyers who simply haven’t considered adopting.
  • Last, but not the least, you’ll see that Pet Listings feature a lot of different animals and associated information – everything from stick insects and hermit crabs through ducks and horses to Guinea pigs and reptiles. This is integral to our founding notion. All too many people jump to the conclusion that the family needs a pet, and that a pet means a puppy or a kitten, before they realise that the new addition is more than they bargained for.

It’s better for everybody that the right pet goes to the right owner. And, ultimately, this is what Pet Listings are all about. Should you have any ideas for how we could improve our ways of contributing to improved animal welfare, please let us know today. We are genuinely interested in what you have to say.