About Us

Whether you’re a Siamese kitten, a breeder of Bedlington Terriers or a hopeful pre-schooler with a passion for turtles, Pet Listings is for you.

Our mission is to make it easy for everyone. Easy for customers to purchase a pet that is right for them. Easy for vendors to reach the people in their neighbourhood. Easy for animals to find a new, happy home.

Of course, the very easiest bit might be in that Pet Listings is absolutely free to use. Breeders, vendors and shelters can list and sell animals for free, and customers can bring home a furry/scaly/feathered friend without paying any extra. All we ask is that everyone takes good care of any animal they are responsible for.

Animal welfare is the very reason Pet Listings was founded. Pet Listings are building a community of ethical pet traders, whose animal welfare standards are well above the minimum requirements of the law. As a neutral third party, Pet Listings do not buy or sell animals; we merely facilitate free listings. We are providing ethical traders with superior branding and SEO power whilst actively working to identify, exclude, name and shame those few rogue operators who mistreat animals to make a quick dollar. We want to help shut down puppy factories and other ruthless businesses, and we encourage all of our visitors to report anything that might seem untoward.

Pet Listings are also creating a wealth of reference material to help people find pets that are right for them, thus minimising the risk that animals will be surrendered to shelters. We are giving animals available for adoption maximum exposure by listing them among all other search results by default. And we’re reaching out to animal welfare groups in developing new functionalities.

We want to do everything for those precious moments when you’re woken by the gentle nudge of a wet nose or the tickle of curious whiskers. For the patter of toddler feet and puppy paws. For the blue-tongues and the budgies. For those abandoned or forsaken.

For the love of life.

Pet Listings at a Glance

  • Pan-Australian free marketplace for an ethical pet trade
  • Superior SEO and branding for breeders and resellers
  • Pet Listings do not sell animals; we merely facilitate free listings
  • Optimal owner-pet matchmaking to avoid surrenders
  • Maximum exposure given to pets available for adoption
  • Continuous screening to ensure animal welfare
  • Whistleblower’s reward for abuse reports that lead to convictions
  • Transparent business model open to animal welfare groups
  • Established in 2014; headquartered in Brisbane